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  • Valentine’s Dinner

    It’s Valentine’s Day night. It’s dark out and getting foggy. I was going to make an alfredo sauce to go with chicken breasts but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to really do. So I ended up just grating a bunch of parmesean and putting butter and cream in a pan, heating that and putting […]

  • Turkey Scramble

    Turkey (Left-Overs) Scramble Cubed Cooked Turkey, or chopped Butter Gravy In large frypan melt butter and toss in the stuffing and move it around here and there until it’s hot, or how hot you like it: crispy or not, if you like it more crispy use more butter, or use less butter if you want, […]

  • Turkey Aftermath

    Dinner is over, left-overs put away, some of the dishes washed, some not. 🙂 It was a hard afternoon. I didn’t get the turkey in the oven until later than I wanted. It took until after 5pm for it to be done. Then it had to sit, of course, while the stuffing was taken out […]

  • Whole Grain Egg Strata

    Egg Strata Ingredients: 1/3 loaf of whole mixed grain bread, cubed 7 eggs ½ cup milk or cream 2 cups grated sharp cheese 1 to 1-1/2 cups chopped or sliced and sautéed ingredients to include: Vidalia onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, chopped green chili pepper, or other as you may desire. Spray an 9 by 13 […]